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Privacy Policy is Part of These Terms and Conditions

Our privacy policy is part of, and subject to, these terms and conditions of use. You may view our Privacy Policy on this site.

Health Disclaimer

Online Healthy Offers website content is not a substitute for direct, personal, or professional medical care and diagnosis. None of the products sold at www.onlinehealthyoffers.com should be used without clearance from your physician or health care provider. The information contained is not intended to provide specific health advice, or any advise whatsoever, for any individual or company and should not be relied on in that regard. We are not medical professionals and nothing on this website should be misconstrued to mean otherwise.

FDA Disclaimer

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Entire Agreement

These terms and conditions, including the policies incorporated herein by express reference, constitutes your entire agreement with us with respect to your use of our website.


The total price of the products offered by Online Healthy Offers depends on which options are selected during the purchase process. There will be a one-time payment for each product selected, as will be cleared stated on the purchase page.

Return Policy

You have a full 90 days from original date of purchase to try the products offered at Online Healthy Offers. If for any reason during the 90 day return period you are dissatisfied with the product, simply contact us. Our customer service team will work hard to find you a comparable product to meet you goals, or refund your money, less any shipping and handling. All sales after the 90 day return period are final.


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How to Contact Us

Any questions or concerns about these terms and conditions of use should be brought to our attention by either calling us at 1-855-964-6967 Monday through Friday 9am to 6pm, Mountain Standard Time, or by email at support@onlinehealthyoffers.com

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